Weddings are a time of joyous celebration. So are engagements, although the engagement leads up to the eventual date. Western cultures have long used a ring to signify marriage vows. Eastern cultures do not work the same way, but merchants are usually a Cosmopolitan lot when it comes to the opportunity to make money. So are musicians. Indian musicians do not mind being hired out by Western audiences. The money United Kingdom residents pay with is exactly the same color as the money they use. Doing a gig helps keep them going, and it lets the band's musicians know that their efforts are appreciated.

Why Hire a Live Band over a Disc Jockey?

Disc jockeys are a standard choice for most weddings. They provide a live range of music, but they are often used to a certain cultural bias. If a couple is Indian or if a couple simply wants to expand their horizons, they should try to get a live band that uses traditional instruments. If anyone worries that these bands do not have good music to dance to, they should watch some movies from the subcontinent. For all of its faults, Baliwood, as it is known, produces dance numbers that rival the special effects produced by Hollywood studios.

Where Can I Find Them?

If someone is thinking of breaking out of the traditional ceremony and reception, they may wonder where they can hire such a band, or even where to look. An indian wedding band probably won't advertise in the local newspaper, although some of them might take out ads on Craigslist. Taking the time to peruse the classified ads on Craigslist and similar sites is worth it, but an individual might want to consider using a more specialized service to find it. Perhaps he might be able to find the perfect band for his daughter's wedding at the local music shop.

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What Does the Music Sound Like?

It's hard to describe this, unless someone has a degree in musical theory. These musicians, like other musicians, may have a certain style, but a wide range of tones and rhythms within that style. Many people describe it as being twangier than Western music, but that is a poor description of any musical style. It would be like describing traditional Chinese music as missing two very important notes. If a person has a certain Indian wedding band in mind, he can usually find out what they sound like on their website.

What about the cost?

Weddings are not known for being inexpensive affairs. Traditionally, the bride's family pays for the ceremony and the reception, while the Groom pays for the Honeymoon. The groom is often more than willing to pay for the latter, given what normally comes with it. Parents who are eagerly awaiting grandchildren may condone and encourage this activity once the wedding is complete. The couple may have engaged in the activity before the wedding, and it is very likely that they have in the modern world, but wise parents do not ask such questions.